Global Health

For the past two years, the IMH has co-sponsored a class at UM on global health, which covers topics ranging from the consequences of malnutrition to the development of malaria resistance and the social determinants of health. Resource materials for this class are available in the Ridge Library at SPH.

Global health is a topic of tremendous importance – and we are grateful to be able to showcase local talent in this area at the IMH Global Health Lecture Series. Prior speakers in 2008 have included Dr. Heinz Feldmann of the Rocky Mountain Lab Division of Virology in Hamilton, MT, Dr. Kimber McKay of the Anthropology Department at UM, and Dr. Tom Bulger Adjunct Faculty at UM and Emergency Room physician at St. Patrick Hospital.


JANUARY 12, 2009 7PM @ SPH Conference Center
*DR. SUSAN SHEPHERD, Medical Advisor for Nutrition, Doctors without Borders(MSF)

FEBRUARY 26, 2009 7PM @ SPH Conference Center
Dr. Tom Schwan, Chief and Senior Investigator,
Laboratory of Zoonotic Pathogens
Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Hamilton, MT

MARCH 2009 Date TBA – Panel of Experts
medical personnel who have
worked in foreign countries discuss their experiences.

*To read more about Dr. Shepherd’s work, follow the link to her Op-Ed in the New York Times Jan 08


About imh4msla

Dr Schlesinger is an adult and pediatric rheumatologist in Missoula. She was an IMH board member for a few years before assuming the director position in January 2007 when Dr Herbert Swick retired. As IMH director, she promotes collaborative models of care within the hospital, and explores new approaches to teaching the collaborative model to health careers students at the University of Montana. Dr Schlesinger is the track director for the WWAMI program, helping medical students from the University of Washington School of Medicine learn clinical medicine in Missoula.
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