IMH Director as a Positive Deviant

There is a role for an independent physician – not hospital based or hospital employed – to be involved in helping push for cultural changes within the institution. This cultural change would involves specifically greater accountability on the part of the medical staff for performance issues and collegiality, and more visible interest, support and backing for prominent educational initiatives within the hospital directed at all patient care staff. The transformation of our medical staff from providers into clinical faculty at a teaching institution is an integral part of the cultural changes that are upon us now. Further training in promoting this kind of cultural change is essential to the success of this project and can be accomplished by developing physician leadership in this area.

I believe that the Director of IMH position is a logical place for this “change agent”to reside, and would support this continued role for the IMH.


About imh4msla

Dr Schlesinger is an adult and pediatric rheumatologist in Missoula. She was an IMH board member for a few years before assuming the director position in January 2007 when Dr Herbert Swick retired. As IMH director, she promotes collaborative models of care within the hospital, and explores new approaches to teaching the collaborative model to health careers students at the University of Montana. Dr Schlesinger is the track director for the WWAMI program, helping medical students from the University of Washington School of Medicine learn clinical medicine in Missoula.
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