The Tibetan Way

The IMH has sponsored several excellent Global Health Lectures this year in our series, but Dr. Kelsang Wangyal deserves special mention. He is a Tibetan physician, trained by the physician to the Dalai Lama, who was visiting Montana and agreed to speak thanks to Dr. Georgia Milan’s efforts. Dr. Kelsang spoke to a room full of 75 people through an interpreter, “Karma.” He described the Tibetan view of physiology with different types of energy focused in different anatomic locations. He described a few of the herbs used as medicinals, and how they are imbued with extra effectiveness via prayer. But the most extraordinary thing about him was his humility. He felt blessed to be able to connect with every living thing – plant and animal – as he humbly described his work. His manner, his comments, and his style all conveyed serenity that was palpable.
As one person in the audience remarked, “…it was an honor just to share the space with him.” Could it be that the Tibetan was of healing the spirit and the physical – can produce such centering? He made it look so appealing!


About imh4msla

Dr Schlesinger is an adult and pediatric rheumatologist in Missoula. She was an IMH board member for a few years before assuming the director position in January 2007 when Dr Herbert Swick retired. As IMH director, she promotes collaborative models of care within the hospital, and explores new approaches to teaching the collaborative model to health careers students at the University of Montana. Dr Schlesinger is the track director for the WWAMI program, helping medical students from the University of Washington School of Medicine learn clinical medicine in Missoula.
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