Upcoming Events

Art Exhibits:

Moments of Beauty
Photographs by Herbert M. Swick, M.D.

Artist statement:  In the busy, emotionally charged environment of the hospital, families and patients find themselves in an unfamiliar and sometimes frightening setting.  Caregivers, too, confront difficult situations daily as they reach out to those they serve.  I hope these images offer a moment for everyone to pause and reflect, to appreciate the many forms of beauty that surround us, even in a hospital, and to find a moment of gentleness, respite, and even healing.  Patterns and shapes are all around us.  They can be bold or subtle.  Light is all around us, too.  It can be dramatic or gentle.  Pattern, shape and light are key to how we perceive our world.  I endeavor to use the many qualities of light and pattern to capture the beauty in details — fragments of nature that suggest the grandeur of the world in which we live, and fragments of man’s work that suggest the human experience.  All photographs in this exhibit were captured on film and printed by the artist using traditional darkroom techniques.

The artist, a physician, is the former Director of the Institute of Medicine and Humanities, a joint program of the St. Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center and The University of Montana.

Murals of the Early History of the Sisters of Providence
Murals by Hadley Ferguson

Description:  The history of the Sisters of Providence has been described in articles, books, video clips and now finds a new medium, beautiful fine art in the form of larger-than-life murals. The planning began over two years ago and was funded by a grant received by the Loyola Sacred Heart Foundation from an anonymous donor who wished to showcase the immense role that the Sisters of Providence and the Jesuits had in shaping Missoula’s earliest core services, namely healthcare and education. We are honored that the Loyola Sacred Heart Foundation and Missoula Catholic Schools have asked us to host these two beautiful murals for the duration of the summer. During this time, they will be in the Broadway Building’s main lobby area across from the Wellness Center.

Hadley Ferguson, known for her “The Heart of Missoula” series of murals downtown, was commissioned by the Loyola Sacred Heart Foundation to paint a series of six murals depicting the history of the earliest missionaries to Montana and the Sisters’ role in the development of medicine, education, and culture in Missoula. Illustrated is the journey of the Sisters to St. Ignatius and then to the wild frontier town of Missoula in 1873, the shared beginnings of St. Patrick Hospital and the Missoula Catholic Schools, the challenges the Sisters had to overcome and the foundation of our Mission as we carry it on.


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